Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sargent Study , Lady Agnew

A quick Study of This Beauty 
His work is so fascinating to me 
and I think I came very close  
and one Im proud to sing about !!

Graphite and Pierre Noire for the darks 
done in my Visual Diary A3


  1. Wonderful study! Sargent is one of my favourite artists.

  2. Hes becoming one of mine too , Ive always appreciated his effortless ability, Ive copied his figure studies they are so beautiful I think

    ...and wow took a LOOK at your blog you are quite the artist by the looks ... impressive!! Thankyou for the the nice words on my work !!

  3. Wonderful drawing Sandra. Once of these days, I'll do what you have been doing .... copying some works of the masters for studies.

  4. Hey Hia , Its the way to learn, I will always believe that !!get thee drawing I cant wait to see what you do !! cheers for the great thoughts!!

  5. I love your rendition better than his.