Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Form Drawing from Class Anatomy of the Flayed Figure

Im  not going to rant on here but Yes , Im very Proud of this drawing hes methodically so beautiful to me 
and sings to me , I also know Ive even improved since him but while I was drawing him my mind started to get this drive and it was like I was on drugs , drawing everyday is making me very instinctual and its pretty fab to see where I go from here even .... Graphite hb  on a2  cartridge paper 


  1. Wow, this is quite something, incredibly accurate drawing. You can rightly be very proud!

  2. Well, I've got to agree with Jane - superb!
    Amazing, really you can see, I'm lost for words. I am not surprised that you are proud of this drawing - you deserve to be proud of it.

  3. Wow! Really great work! I know you're proud and you should be! Its the best thing in the whole world when things begin clicking into place :). Have fun!!!

  4. My browsers are not being co-operative when I try to comment on your other wonderful blog (myartistways), so I'll comment here... its a real thrill to see your journey. As you know I've always been an admirer of your brushwork, and the still-lives that come alive with it, but its inspiring to note how the human figure... its inherent structure, is being tamed by the humble pencil in your hand. I've seen this wonderful sketch before in WC, and its such a joy to view it again!

  5. Wow Thankyou Jane , AND Stew Im flattered to the max to read that .... I didnt know these comments were even here Guys ~no update on my settings , strange indeed ...Bloody Blogger !!!lol

    Dawnie ... you rock for Looking ~chaffed again you Know I did your work beautiful Artist ...

    Arh Mr P , so sorry about the blog thing must be the drawing gods getting in our way :) ...I am the one thats humbled here ....Ive got to see my thought process change and show how much more I can be, I see I am beginning to have the ability to become a master drawer eventually ....

    thanks again Guys made my day reading this from you all!!!

  6. Hi Sandra,

    This one is really good and shows a good evolution when compared with previous works.
    You seem to be more at ease with more defined figures than rounder ones.
    Keep working hard. Your work is promising.

    Kind regards,